Zwarte Aalbes and Weegbree are found to be helpful in the case of allergy.


PiLeJe is founded by 3 French doctors who wanted to make a change within regular healthcare and supply patients with organic grown plants and herbs. 

The PiLeJe Group has been manufacturing and distributing its products for 30 years. These products embody the Group’s expertise in the fields of micronutrition, phytonutrition and the use of microbiotic strains. PiLeJe’s products are prescribed or recommended by healthcare professionals, notably in the context of advice tailored to the individual.

PiLeJe selects and develops ingredients (microbiotic strains or plants) and specific pharmaceutical forms based on plants, microbiotic strains and micronutrients and has its own manufacturing division, PiLeJe Industrie. In developing these solutions, the Group works closely with publicly funded research organisations.

Zwarte Aalbes - Weegbree

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