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Hire me to be your personal holistic doctor for the course of 1 year.





Before signing up for a full year there is an option for a 1-month introductory course: 'Casting light on your shadows'. The motivation to register becomes clear if you hear yourself saying 'yes' to at least 8 of the following statements:

  • I don't feel fit and healthy

  • I feel a lack of energy 

  • I am controlled by my emotions

  • I don't seem to be able to enjoy this life

  • I'm not getting to live my full potentiol

  • My life's mission is under pressure

  • My ideal life seems out of reach

  • Good self care creates stress in my life

  • I have lost the connection with myself and/or loved ones

  • I have insufficient means to get insight into what is holding me back

  • I experience a lack of clarity into where I'm at and where to go from here

  • I experience brain fog on a regular basis

  • Can´t seem to be able to concentrate/focus

  • I'm easily distracted or mislead

  • I'm in a constant survival mode

  • I desire an expert on my side who can guide me towards health and happiness. 

Within the Introductory course start-up month you will gain insight into what is holding you back and receive clarity on how to move from there. 

  • You will understand what's standing between you and your optimal health

  • You will get grip on your health

  • You will gain insight into where you come from, who you are and how to move from there

  • You will restore the connection with yourself and/or loved ones

  • You will learn how to deal with your emotions in a way that they are not blocking you 

  • You will discover what's dimming your light. 

  • You will gain insight into you own behavior causing your light to dim

  • You will learn how to protect en expand your light by making effective lifestyle changes

Fill out the form below to get in touch and enquire about the possibilities for your trajectory, guided by a medical doctor with 10+ years of experience!

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Most important themes
Most important motivation
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How much time do I have available for change
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