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Holistic medicine in the age of Aquarius

In this age that we're now in

you deserve a doctor who thinks a long with you

and helps you making better choices for your wellbeing. 

Learn more about self-healing modalities such as yoga and sound

and how to serve (your) nature so it may serve you.

Look around and stay in touch!

As a doctor I am affiliated with the Artsen Covid Collectief Foundation and ask critical questions about the current situation in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. The measures are disproportionate, proven ineffective and sometimes even extremely risky!


With me there are many doctors around the world who speak out against the current state of affairs. It doesn't seem to be about the virus for a long time, let alone health.

Yoga and Sound

After finishing my medicine studies my path took me all around the world to learn about the ancient ways of healing.

Yoga and meditation from India, qigong and tai chi from china, herbs from our local garden and the universal healing sounds.

All the ingredients are there to heal yourself. 

Let me be of service in this process.



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Yoga and Sound
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