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My path

It goes without saying that I am very interested about your path and would love to hear it some day. In the following paragraphs you find a piece of my own.


The name that was given by my parents is Pieter Meurs. This name I use with respect for my parents as well as my birthplace. Early 2018 I was initiated into Qi-Yo Yoga by swami Agung Sangha, founder of this multiversal system of yoga. That was also when I received my spiritual name Kartikeya Das. Both names I use. 

​As a child I grew up in a small town as son of a loved & respected family physician. In 2014 I graduated  as a medical doctor myself at the university of Nijmegen. Later I worked in the fields of psychiatry and addiction medicine for some time. Although I was able to specialize I chose to keep a broader scope, investigating healing arts from different cultural perspectives.

Not only did my journey take me throughout the world, but more importantly inwards. Through techniques I found in yoga, tao and shamanism, I extensively investigated my inner depths for growth as a human being. Only by facing my own demons am I able to guide others in a similar process.​

In 2017 I founded my practice for holistic health, now known by the name Dr. Aquarius. Nevertheless I always kept a foot on the ground within regular medicine that keep me aware of the current situation of regular healthcare, with it's policies based on a game ruled by big insurance- and pharmaceutical companies

​Now what I feel is needed in our regular healthcare system is openmindedness and professionals taking their responsibility when it comes to truthfulness concerning medication. We have the choice to choose powerfull natural medicines over chemical drugs that have far less side-effects and actually treat the root of the problem. Instead of making people dependent on long term drug use, with the right medicines we can chose to empower people on their healing journey.

​It is time for a change of perspective and in this process we have to find each other. Everyone that is participating in this system on a conscious level is doing their part but we have to work together to be stronger and really shift to the new paradigm. That is what the age of Aquarius is about and the time is now.

Let's cooperate and rise as one for the love of earth and humanity!

Thank you, Om Shanti

Pieter Meurs a.k.a Kartikeya Das

Dr. Aquarius
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