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Why choose

an holistic lifestyle?

Waarom een holistische levensstijl?

In de afgelopen 11 jaar ben ik op veel verschillende manieren getraind om genezing te brengen aan mijn medebroeders en -zusters op deze aarde. Variërend van reguliere geneeskunde tot esoterische healing en alles daartussenin. Mijn taak als arts is om de beste modaliteiten te selecteren en naar je toe te brengen, of het nu gaat om voeding, yoga, plantengeneeskunde of gewoon een luisterend oor te bieden en mee te denken over situaties in je leven. Als ik zelf niet kan helpen, zal ik mijn uitgebreide netwerk van genezers en therapeuten raadplegen en indien nodig doorverwijzen. Scroll naar beneden om te zien wat Dr. Aquarius voor u kan doen ...


Heal yourself in harmony with nature

A good doctor will not try to fix you, rather he will show you the tools to stay healthy or heal yourself. A good example is the way doctors in ancient China were validated. Only for how well they were able to keep the population free from disease were they payed by the Emperor. Let this be a new perspective on the horizon of Aquarian age healthcaresystems today. Heal yourselves through exercise, good food, positive vibes and more!

Create healthy habits

When you choose for an holistic lifestyle, you choose to take back the responsibility for your health. You do this by making conscious choices, whether that is in the supermarket, at the table or on the yogamat. Not distracted by mindchatter, you are able to stay close to yourself and your gutfeeling. Deep down you know exactly what your body needs, what lifts you up and what not. To tune into that space we have to rid ourselves from mindclutter and layers around the heart. Although everything can be found within, there's a plant for everything and nature is offering it's best to be of service. 

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Connect with yourself and others

The key solution to every problem in your life lies within. Hence it is of vital importance that people are being thaught techniques to connect deeply within and heal oneself. Human beings are sociable in their core and desperate for connection also with other human beings. This heartfelt connection is a premise for mental health and happiness. This is the age of aquarius, turning around this theme of connecting with the great brotherhood of men. For this it is most important to take care of your needs and limits in order to keep it safe. That leads us back to connection with oneself, because you cannot connect with other, if you cannot connect with yourself.

Bring ceremony in your life

What is a ceremony and what are it's advantages? Within a ceremony we consciously put our focus on our intentions and what wants to be manifested. A ceremony provides a safe space with a clear beginning and an ending. This enables you to take the journey inwards and feel the inner connection with yourself and everything around you. Not only in relating with plants but also people and eventually all that is.

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Get guidance from a medical professional

Being trained and having experience working as a doctor in regular medicine gives me a broad outlook on sickness also on the physical plane. Also am I well known with most types of anti-depressant or anti-psychotics and well aware of it's effects and pharmakinetics. As a doctor well of the regular track I specialize in

  • Diet/fasting

  • QiYo Yoga 

  • Psychedelic therapy

  • Plantmedicine

Tap into a vast network of healers & therapists

As a traveling doctor throughout the Netherlands & the rest of the world, I was fortunate enough to meet many great therapists, healers and shamans. Alternative as well as regular oriented practitioners with a lot of knowledge and their hearts in the right place, specialized in one field of interest mostly.
I like to compare my role with a familiy physician (huisarts). They too have a decent general knowledge on health and disease and operate like a spider in the web of healthcare-practioners, able to help or to refer a client to where it's served best.  

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When to connect:

Did you arrive ate a point in your life where you feel like you could use some new input? Do you experience a less than optimal health and are bothered with a lack of energy, negative feelings and possibly addictions?

Do you believe you are able to change this in your advantage and wish to receive guidance from a medical professional and get taught ways to heal yourself with nature, sound & yoga?


Then check out the next page to see what I can do for you

©2019 by Pieter Kartikeya Das, Dr. Aquarius

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