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Qi-Om: Sonic Selfhealing part II

Be the Light you wish to see in the world

Through studying different forms of yoga& healing I created a method to actually turn on the light, by being the light. With the use of rhythmic movements we start to embody a certain frequency. The source of this pulse comes from the Hara-point, also known as the Elixer field, your main source of energy in the body. By waving your hands below navelheightyou act as an electric generatie like a dynamo with copper around a magnet. When done continuously in a very rhythmic way you start phasing out different wavelengths which allows you to really sink into your body (of water), like a drop in the ocean of pure love and light.

If these movements are combined with right breath and sound, you start to cleanse and harmonize your energy field. Mantra can be used for this purpose, as well as Tibetan singing bowls and harmonic tuning forks.. The latter can even be placed on the body to further align your system in resonance. Meridianchannels are cleared enabling energy to flow freely. Kundalini awakens with the stimulation of the sacral plexus. When the physical body becomes saturated ,this golden light starts overflowing, filling up your energy body. This generates enormous amounts of Qi, or vital life force energy.

I highly recommend blinding your eyes wearing a mindfold. This deepens the meditative trance state and this way you become much more sensitive to the frequency of each pose, whether static or dynamic. Eventually you can actually see your own inner light whilst embodying higher frequencies and ascending to lighter dimensions.

This practice is particularly useful for people who are generators by human design. They are supposed to deliver energy for any type of collective endeavour. When don together synchronistical we’ll light up this world faster than the speed of sound. I genuinely believe this is the way “lost” civilizations ascended ‘en masse’ to dimensions of light, united with other ascended master.

Let us remember once again and shine our light bright out into this world!

I see groups of people coming together using Qi-Om with the intention of stepping into the flame of the everpresent now, aiding this way the process of transformation immensely. It is my mission to teach different techniques to induce this trancestate of balance and harmony in order to heal individually as well as for the bigger whole.

Soon there will be available a videocourse teaching you the basics of this method. Also will I be teaching at different locations throughout the continent.

Finally, I am grateful for the massive jump of timelines and the great shift in consciousness we will make as Humankind of our sweet mother Earth.

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