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My Services

Depending on question, aspired goal or your specific situation, there´s a range of options to choose from

Qi-Om Therapy

Many people nowadays are discovering the potentially healing benefits of the Qi-Om modality of healing.  To highly increase the chance of a positive and transformative outcome it is important to have the right preparation and guidance throughout and after. For this we can arrange a month long guidance program with 3 moments of contact: an intake, a mid-term reflection and an integration session afterwards.

If you want to immerse yourself in an healing atmosphere to remove blockages, heal trauma or simply get back in tune with yourself, your are werlcome for a 1-on-1 healing session where I use elements of breathwork, sound, touch and psychotherapy.

Qi-Om class

I teach people effective techniques for self healing through yoga and sound individually or in a group setting. Together we build a foundation for you to build your practice upon so you will be able to take optimal care for yourself. A class consists of a series of dynamic movements, breathing and meditation.


During workshops I teach you how to work with tuning forks. Your own set of forks will be provided to work with at home. See my latest blogpost for more info on Qi-Om.


Over the course of time I have integrated the way of ceremony in my life and find it to be the perfect setting to work on yourself and different themes in a sacred setting with room for silence, prayer and sharing with others. Together with a range of different healing musical instruments we make a healing journey from movement to deep relaxation. 

But if you really want to make a profound change in life regarding health on all levels of your being

Choose to work with me for the duration of a



A 6 weeks Transformative


This includes:

  • An holistic intake

  • If needed interpretation of bloodvalues, answers around (prescription)-drugs etc

  • Personal training with 6 sessions covering physical, emotional and spiritual needs

  • 3 multiversal healing sessions 

  • Learning about self-healing modalities such as yoga and sound

  • Furthermore, receive a gift package with your own set of tuning forks, high-end supplements and more

If your current situation is not allowing you (due to current addiction or heavy illness)

But you do really want to make a change, I recommend to do 1-3 healingsession first.

This will help you get back on track, so at a later stage you'll be fit for more.

Contact me for further information and options.

My Tools
Self Healing Modalities

Weighted tuning forks, chakra- and planetary series

Self Healing Modalities

200 year old Tibetan temple bowls

Self Healing Modalities

Tuning forks to harmonize and energize

Self Healing Modalities

Crystal heart bowl (F 432Hz)


"Bijzonder en magisch, de soundhealing bij Kartik. Aanleiding voor de behandeling was wekenlange vermoeidehidsklachten die het gevolg waren van intense emotionele stress. Het inleidend gesprekje heb ik als heel prettig ervaren omdat ik daarin de arts in Kartik zo mooi aanwezig voelde. De behandeling die volgde was prachtig in eenvoud. Staand temidden van drie klankschalen voelde ik lichaamsdeel na lichaamsdeel licht en doorstromend worden door de trilling van de grote stemvorken die hij op mijn lichaam plaatste. Op 1 plek leidde de aanraking tot het vloeien van plotse, heftige tranen. Ik voelde me aan het einde van de behandeling ontspannen en vol licht. De dag erna merkte ik tot mijn zeer aangename verbazing dat mijn energie van uur tot uur begon toe te nemen. Ik begon weer dingen op te pakken, en met plezier. Het fijnst van alles vind ik dat ik datgene waar ik al die weken zo over gepiekerd had sinds de behandeling nu heel anders ervaar, als horend bij een andere frequentie, een andere versie van mezelf. Ik merk dat ik er niet meer over pieker en niet meer mee bezig ben, het is goed zo. Heel fijn! Kartik, heel erg bedankt voor deze bijzondere heling!'

Monique ten Brink

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