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Since a few years I have been importing these wonderful soundhealing tools all the way from Ukraine. From the beginning I was astonished by the quality they bring and the pure tones & overtones. 

That's right, although this pan has only 9 tongues, each tongue has slits that produces 36 overtones in total. This produces a angelic singing sound and enables you to play on more etheric levels.


The pans are made from high carbon steel and come in different tones, sizes, colours and finish. 

There's the medium sized Era and the big Era and have either a smooth finish or a more rough texture finish. This gives the sound more depth and is less 'singy'. 

The texture finish comes in 8 different vibrant colours and when you want a smooth finish you can choose 3 different looks all together. 


The drums come with mallets to play with, but are easily played with the fingers too. 

Optional are beautifully designed travel bags for proper protection, display standards and even a macramé rope for decoration around your pan. 


Although I order my pans exclusively harmonically tuned in A=432Hz, it is possible to order your specific wish with me and save at least some transport/import fee.


Depending on what's in stock I have a variety of pans to choose from. Let me know if you want to come check them out and choose your very own meditation or soundhealing tool. 


Healing Handpan

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