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Welcome to my little webshop!

Here you find holistic health products that I grew fond of over the course of time. Supporting the body to everyday stress is an act of selflove and care, assisting the body in the process of selfhealing with the best that nature has to offer. Lately I have been collaborating with some high quality (organic) producers to be able to offer what you deserve. 

Due to restrictions in website policies, I have to tell you that the products I am selling are NOT medicines. The fact that people all over the world have used them as such since the beginning of times doesn't matter for that. You decide how you want to use them. 


The Microbar contains a trio of wonderful medicines, knowing: 

- Ceremonial grade cacao from Peru

- Lovegrown Psilocibin

- Lovegrown Lion's mane


Starting from €22,- for a one month's supply

Herbal solutions
Soundhealing tools
Meditation tools

Meditation mask



Labyrinth/Spiral wooden object


Oval yoga mat

Ever since my initiation into the practice of QiYo-yoga I am a big fan of the oval yoga mat. With it's natural organic shape it is stimulating you organically. Also is it made from thick, durable material that is truly supporting your body in intense positions. Since it has to be imported, I am making a list of other enthusiastis to make the order. See the video below and let me know if you want honour you and your practise with this piece of art below your feet.

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